Friday, September 26, 2014

What did I do? I left way too many fonts in my last post. Not just way too many, but they were way too big and obtuse! That's what happens when I start learning how to do things on a matter how simple they may be!

So, My Friends and Loved Ones, my Readers, old and new...forgive me. That couldn't have been easy to behold.

 Now, that's settled.

Listen to this: I visited a homestead today. A real, true-to-life homestead. The owner/farmer has goats, chickens, ducks and bees. She has real eggs! I tell you, it was just too cool to walk right out in the yard, into the fence. Unfortunately, there were only two. That's right. But I never saw such beautiful animals as those goats and chickens.

She even has a dairy. I saw her milking apparatus. Along with the eggs, I got mozzarella cheese and original, made-today, whey! Isn't that just grand! It was for me! I'm so sorry there are no pictures. but we meet again next week Saturday, so check back!

Well, I had a great day today and I trust you did, as well.

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