Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My First eBook, Languishing on Amazon!

My first-ever to type today gave me 801 words. So I am 301 ahead. I'm so inspired I think I'll take off again!

On the matter of it Social Media: how much of it can I [or anyone] actually use?
The question is whether or not I can keep up with Twitter. Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn and my blog, on a daily basis. It also is how much can I absorb from other people.

Somebody is always writing something that comes to my inbox that I glanced at it and I think it's a good idea. I think I could really benefit from it. I don't know exactly how my brain is going to absorb all this input and make use of it.

I think I should perhaps just try to use everything that has to do with writing. Or,  should I continue to research for my books [which really doesn’t take much time]; or should I limit it to 3 people, 5 people, seven people. And then after I limit them how will I decide how I'm going to interact with them. I killed my Twitter account because I simply couldn't see the value of it. Okay I was almost up to 200 followers by the time I did. Obviously the goal is to build a large tribe. So while I was building my tribe, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Okay so I could think of a 140-character post at any time to put on there but then people start responding. I honestly am not going to sit and respond to every doggone like and so forth. So that brings me to the end of Twitter.

Then I decided it would be good if I just take some time and learn some of these things and make some informed decisions. For example, how many social media platforms do I really need? What I want to first is: write. I want to write books, not just my blog. I really do enjoy my blog. I enjoy my photographs and the work I am doing. Then, in the process of posting to my blog, I learn that every time I post something on my Blogspot, it is also posted on my Google+ page. This is a good thing, so why not just develop a tribe on Google+? I know there are people on Facebook who read other than what their friends ate for dinner. Then there's the matter of groups. I don't quite get it on how to interact with them, so that's going to bring me any benefit. I have a lot to learn!

SandraTeresa Davenport

Tonight's Tea: African Red Rooibos! Naturally caffeine-free, slightly sedative, slightly sweet, totally delightful! 


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