Monday, March 28, 2016

The assignment: 

write about one of your times of waiting. Even better, and try to get to 500 words

That last phrase is my favorite part. I am prolific. 500 words is no problem, especially as I use voice typing. Please continue.

It is a grand and glorious challenge today. I am writing in my blog spot and I haven't even gotten out of the bed! I'm using Google Voice typing.

write WHILE you're waiting. Take whatever downtime you have that you might otherwise waste
Just Sit Down, and Wait a Minute!

Agreed, Indeed. I was lying there, waiting to get up.

Waiting is a horrible way to spend time. Waiting requires you to defer something. No matter what it is that you're waiting for, it is always something that you want.

The problem is that while you are waiting for something, you probably are also dreading something.  In my experience, there's no way to wait well. There's no way to wait for something in comfort. There's no way to wait for something and relax. Those two things don't just don't go together.

  • You can come now or you can wait till I get back.
  • I can take you to the store now, or you can wait till I finish the dishes.
  • You can go ahead and eat dinner now, or you can wait until I finish the salad.
  • “Just wait till your father gets home and you'll see what happens”.  I never had that experience [being raised by a single mother] but it is still stupid. It builds up stress in a person waiting for somebody to come home and do harm to them.
  • Have you done your taxes yet? Yes I'm waiting for my return, so I can take a trip.
  • Have you done the dishes yet? No, but I'm going to after I rest a little bit.
  • Have you started exercising yet? No. What are you waiting for? I'm waiting for the weather to get warm. I'm waiting to find someone to walk with. I'm waiting for my friend to get off work. I'm waiting so my husband can walk with me. 
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
Waiting on the Plants to Grow,,,

Obviously this is an opinion piece but I will tell you this, yet again: Waiting simply is a horrible way to spend some time. I am waiting for some dude to decide that he'll be my sweetheart; waiting for him to come and eat dinner with me. Waiting for him to decide that I can come and live with him. Misery. Labor. Oh, the Horror!


Waiting doesn't have to be miserable.
Waiting doesn't have to be dreadful.
Waiting, in fact, doesn't really even have to happen.

I found an answer to waiting: Action. 

If you're worried about something and you start doing something you don't have time to worry about it so much. And you won't feel like you're waiting. You will feel like you're taking a hand in what's going on, and more like an adult or at least a real person.

Excerpted from: A Psalm of Life [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

“let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate.
Still achieving still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait.”

Again, thanks to Jeff Goins, I am moving in the right direction, and today, with an additional 71 words, to boot!

SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend
Tea: The Ultimate Answer to Waiting


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