Sunday, July 24, 2016

This is my first post in 11 weeks. Eleven weeks is a long time for me!
My First Printed Book

It has some errors but I am proud of it!
 I have thought of all sorts of topics to write about. All topics in my head were somehow connected to our health. You see, being The Health Reverend, I have that obligation. At one point, I didn’t even feel like making Tea. As you will recall [being one of my faithful readers J] I have been “off track” for a while. 

During that time, having and using self-discipline was an especially difficult task—so I continued to think about my health. Problem? My condition of High Blood Pressure caused me to have an aneurysm in my head. I learned that after everything, surgery, a week of sleeping and returning to the doctor’s office.

My mother was ill in Arizona, so I went there for a week or so. I came back to Habersham County, feeling pretty well. I went to Burger King and my aneurysm ruptured. As far as I am able to think, it is the same as a stroke. I hit the floor on the back of my head, passed out, and someone called the local EMT.

I have learned a lot. Watched videos and other posts and talked with doctors, former patients, nurses and survivors. They all seem to say the same thing. 

I have done a great job of surviving and recovering. Ain’t that something? Some people/patients even say that I have had [or been] a miracle.

This is what I will tell us about our health: Treat it as if it is precious. I am certain that the condition of my health had it all to do with my survival and my recovery. It—Recovery—made me feel like a different person.

You are not required to do that.

But here is one thing I must tell you: find out all you can about “normal” and “high blood pressure. Then, make it your aim and your daily effort, to maintain it.
All these years of HBP, no doctor or nurse or fireman ever once ‘advised’ me on what I could expect. I am telling you, now,
Your health is yours to guard and keep. Look into it and you will soon understand how alcohol, tobacco became the enemies of your health.
Continue to study. I’ll be back soon.


Relax & Enjoy Your Tea! 

SandraTeresa Davenport
The Health Reverend
Contact me, ok: – At Any Time!                   

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  1. Glad to hear about your healing. Keep writing and healthy! Love you.


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