Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday March 27th 7:26 a.m. 
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Voting Place in My Home County - The Courthouse
Today’s Assignment: Start a Fight, and it needs to be 500 words! Well, Sign me Up! 
I am over the age of 18 and am fully competent to make this declaration: I have burned my voter registration card [and so should you]! I realized that politics in this country is not only a joke, but also a great, great insult. If you want to know how I came to that conclusion, read on.
I burned my voter registration card because my government treats me more like an enemy than it does those sworn to his demise [like terrorists, for example].
I burned my voter registration card when I realized that government hated me more than it does known, proven, life-long, dedicatee criminals. I burned my voter registration card when I realized that the people who would have taken over government property [in Oregon to be exact, a National Guard Armory], were being treated like guests. This is the same government who randomly kills people just because they're black and unarmed.
Before you decide, let me ask you a question or two. Do you fully understand this whole business of government? Do you really have some faith in the process? You do? Fine. But, if you have any questions or doubts about your role as a voting citizen, tread lightly.
It is my considered, informed, historically-observed opinion that, No one even understands the process. Do you know what the Electoral College is, where it is, or what it does. Why would anybody over 50 years old even want to run for public office; much less a national public office.
What difference does it make who’s president, when people are still living homeless on the street?
Who cares who's president when crime still rises from day to day?
Who cares who is making more money for their campaign when people are still unemployed?
I burned my voter registration card.
 I will never go to the polls again. I don't care who votes or who runs, and neither should you.
Don't go to the polls, and you won't have to worry about standing in line. Don't go to the polls, and you won't have to complain about who didn't do something. Don’t go to the polls and you won’t have to be turned away. Don’t go to the polls and there won’t be any voter fraud. Don't go to the polls ever again and then the idiot stupid hateful politicians will have to find something else to do.
Don’t listen to ‘if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.’ That’s not true. You can complain plenty. I know; I’ve done it for years. There are just too many problems for any one single person to fix. There are millions of ‘voters’ in this country who could offer simple, workable, ethical solutions to the problems created by politicians while they are supposedly fixing everything.
Burn your voter registration card, now!
Don't go to the polls. Ever again.

 SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend


  1. OMG! You said it so much better than I ever could! Thank you for making our opinions so clear. I am definitely going to follow you. Thank you for leading me to your wonderul site. I cannot wait to learn how to make my posts look more appealing with pictures. It has been a very slow process.

  2. Thanks again. I know I replied once but this stuff is just so exciting! I'll be in touch! sd


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