Tuesday, November 1, 2016

That's always the first question asked, at a gathering. 
Puzzles are Great Partners
Okay, so I know: when we’re writing for our blogs, we are often instructed to use unindented paragraphs. However, when I was taught to write papers, and yes, to type them, I was taught to always indent at least five spaces, so I do it. What do you do?
As usual, time continues to pass and my recovery continues in a definite way. I continue to learn about aneurysms-how when, where and why they rupture, recovery, and yes, rebuilding myself.
Rebuilding is no simple matter. Do you agree?
Rebuilding often means uncluttering something that you own and moving forward. It may be just ideas, it could be memories, hopes, dreams. Oh, dear, should I go on? Well, you get it, I’m sure. So, I must say that I am still uncluttering my head.
One reason for this is that I always wanted a long, healthy, happy life. These days, I realize more than usual, my part[s] in that.
A position that I have held for a long time is that for anyone who has survived 50 years in black skin [somewhere here in the U.S.], could easily survive for another 50, if they wanted to do so. My conviction was just that we would have to make some adjustments.
I, therefore, am adjusting.
One thing health principle of which I am totally convinced today: Things that truly have a negative affect on blood pressure, which also has a negative affect upon brain function and health, are simple.
To Grow Well, Adjust!
Extra weight. Make a decision to adjust and keep your weight at a healthy number.
Proper nutrition. Not boxed, canned or packaged with too many words that you can’t pronounce.
Stress. Decide whether you want to loose your mind all at once or a little at a time, and put yourself in control of your stress. It may mean changing jobs, or locations where you live and work. Why, heck, you may even need to change your sweetheart[s]. It won’t hurt a thing.
Tobacco [smoking]. I am nearly certain that if you are old/mature enough to care about this topic, read this blog and live a long life, you are aware of the horrors of smoking. Don’t. Do it, my friends.
Sleep. Do it properly, ok. Don’t sleep too much and pray tell, don’t sleep too little. Sleep is what enables the body to heal and move closer to true health. Try for at least 8 hours per night.
My siblings and I hosted a memorial service for my mother on Sunday afternoon. It was just lovely. The house was filled up with 50-60 people who knew, loved and enjoyed her. We even had small little children. Some of them were her great-grandchildren. I’m sure she loved it.
I know now that one property of the human existence, is joy. After that, everything goes a lot easier.
Until we meet again, do me this one favor:


Drink Tea, Always!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Health Reverend. I am glad you are writing and sharing your thoughts on recovery! Keep it up.
    - doris


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