Sunday, October 23, 2016

This is the armband I 
used while 'hospitalized'. 
More Photos to come!
If you have read my more recent posts, you know that I am officially in recovery. I am recovering from emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm, in April. After the better part of a month in the hospital, I am now released.
I have a new life.
That mean much more than approaching life in a different way; a lot more.
I am no longer shy. I was once quite shy with a lotta people [including relatives].
I am no longer lack confidence. I was held back from doing an entire list of ‘things’ because of my low self confidence. These days, I’m held back from doing things that I just don’t care to do. Like what? Job shopping.
Oh, that reminds me!
I am a retired American now.
That’s right.
I am beginning my second year with it and it has been quite lovely. The second happiest day of my life was when I awoke and realized I had no one to call and report that I’d be late for work.
Wow. Some kinda fun.
The first happiest day? The day I went to the first grade, in Cornelia, Ga. I already knew the teacher and most of the students. My grandfather took me there, spoke to my teacher and left. I never lost a tear. It was a great, great day.
So, too, was it a great day knowing that I no longer am anyone’s employee.
See, I’m not that good at it, anyhow.
Like I said, I’ve had quite enough of it.
At different times, I think of another type of career but haven’t started after it as yet. I likely won’t, until my recovery is complete. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have been gifted with another interest.
Again, enough is enough.
Keep Learning what you Love!
Now, I believe that we should all find out what we want to do, and do it. This is especially true for someone who spent 20, 30-plus years doing something distasteful, for pay. I am moving toward a temporary hospice chaplain.
Think over your life, before the time comes to switch. That will put you in an even grander position of choice.
My second piece of information has two parts: nutrition and exercise. Being the HealthReverend, I have always been informed of these two. Today, I have an even greater need for specific information because I am simply trying to recover.
If you have any of the possible indications: high blood pressure, stress, or if you smoke/drink a lotta alcohol, and don’t exercise… maybe we should talk.
Why? Because I want no one that I now know or may soon know, to come into this same experience—a hemorrhagic stroke. Look it up and let your brain expand.

Your Friend,
Sandra d. – TheHealthReverend



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