Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello, Everyone, It's Sunday Again... 

I know, I might have titled last week’s post with the same, or very similar, words. It’s not that I think of nothing else these days. I do.

The Building Where I was born!

It’s just that I always think of my health, my healing, my future.

Everything I read about these days is health-related, stroke survival.

Other—often times, anyway, I think of how to increase my followers. Not on FB, but on my own blog. I am very, very eager to increase these tiny, little two-digit numbers into big ones, that grow and grow from week to week.

I have just a bit of a challenge with focus, concentration and maintenance. That is, maintenance of my goals, once they are set. This is said to be a left-over from my Stroke. I have done what appears to me to be a great deal of reading on this topic. I am really read to find something much more direct and aimed at my present ‘problems’. Short-term memory loss, intermittent headaches and dizziness and, god forbid—hallucinations.

I know I have mentioned them previously, but I haven’t come upon anything directed to them. My questions are all quite simple. I.e., why are hallucinations always so danged scary? Why do they all take over the present vision of an item I have seen daily, all my life [trees, plants, flower pots]. None of these things are scary to me, but when my brain presents me with an alternative view, it is scary, for sure.

At this point, I must make better efforts in these directions, and dig deeper to learn more about hallucinations, how they start, from which part of my brain and memory they come and why, for heaven’s sake, are they all so danged scary? At least, mine are anyhow.

Now, for a bit about something else...

I had just begun to re-plan my future. Before the Stroke happened, I was even thinking of places I would like to live, what professions interested me. I even gave some thought to how I would get to those places.

Then, about a year ago today, my Stroke occurred.

Life is always changing, have you noticed?

Be encouraged, however.

Don’t be afraid of anything at any time.

Back To Health...

I am always concerned about my health, and yours. I am always reading about thigns I can do to take better control of my health, and gain a better understanding.

I have finally come to the conclusion that eating well is superior to any other diet or approach to weight-loss that I have encountered so far.

Beginning next Sunday, I will have an entry on health, citing various books and articles that I have read since I’ve been on the road to Recovery. I will be entirely delighted to hear your views and opinions and share information with you, on any of my posts.

Be sure to DrinkTeaToday/LiveWellAlways!


Sandra d –  

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  1. I love the photos. Keep up the good thinking and writing. I love you.


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