Wednesday, April 6, 2016

For the record, I was never a good employee.

There is somebody somewhere who will agree but today, I honestly do not care.

Wearing a Name Tag. Wow.
Work was always a thing that I had to do if I wanted to survive. I can honestly say that out of the numerous jobs that I've had, I have enjoyed maybe 3. I really enjoyed teaching third grade at a charter school and Phoenix Arizona, but I hated detested and despised the administration

Work was also difficult for me was that I had to be supervised by somebody most of the time. Generally, the somebody supervising me was far less intelligent, less adept and/or experienced in what we were doing but somehow or another, they still had that position of Supervisor over me.

Areas of my employment include: 
  • Animal care
  • Civil service [state and federal]
  • Corrections
  • Education
  • Finance/Insurance 
  • Law
  • Non-profit
  • Publication
  • Retail

Best Supervisors was the retired Navy Commander, followed by Yvette at the Alabama Department of Public Service. Others were tolerable and more-or-less friendly but I won’t bother you with any more names.

I worked in law firms in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Beverly Hills, and Washington DC. Law firms are all the same everywhere. There are two things I loved about the law firms. First, every Friday we had happy hour. Somebody brought a whole lot of beer and all kinds of finger foods and things like that. Those of who wanted to gathered in the large conference room and just sat around drinking beer and eating finger foods. I guess that was supposed to be a morale builder or something like that. I can't say.

The second thing I loved about law firms: they gave holiday bonuses. Once we got a summer bonus one of them gave us an anniversary bonus. Then there was another one which gave us all a gift of an extra pay check on its 50th anniversary.

I really marvel that today, 16 years into the 21st century, people are still advising other people about how to dress for success. People instruct what to say in an interview; how to get along at work; how to navigate the business office culture. This is very disappointing and disheartening. I really thought that by the time today got here, people would be doing something different in the workplace.

I just thought [and hoped] the supervisors would be able to relax and leave people alone and let them do their work. I also thought [and hoped] that people would leave other people alone and let them do their work. It never occurred to me that today women would still go to work and make less money than their husbands for the same job. I never dreamed that there would be so much harassment in the workplace that there would an entire area of law surrounding it [sexual, racial, age-related, sexual orientation]. Wow.

My Dream Job.

Obviously, it’s at home.

The Reverend's Apothecary
Makings of a Great Potion
I am a healer-woman, known by all as the one to call in a crisis. My work utilizes herbs, oils, lotions and potions. I use every part of an herbal plant to make some sort of remedy for some ailment and am paid well. My work is well and widely-known. My offerings may be teas, tinctures, unguents, or they may be culinary preparations with one or the other herb added.  

The tools of my trade are kept in an extensive apothecary. All my herbs are grown outside my house, in a small but thriving garden plot. I wear long dresses with loose-fitted over blouses or baggy cotton or linen slacks. A collection of trinkets adorn my neck and wrists at any time and I enjoy perfect health. I am an Alternative Health Minister!

SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend

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  1. I found your blog after you posted on the Intentional Blogging Facebook page :) LOVE your voice! I've added you to my Feedly blog roll. I think my thoughts on work are the same as yours--but I was always such a mousey little thing when I was young, I just smiled and carried on. In the last couple years (I'm now a 'woman of a certain age'I've been much more honest and outspoken--and I wonder why I didn't have the guts to speak my mind earlier. (GREAT comment about dress codes--I tell my colleagues they'll know when I'm about to retire because I'll wear nothing but yoga pants!) I'll be interested in reading more of your posts about health--I do use essential oils (but I'm not real disciplined) and would love to do more holistic self-care. Can't wait to read more, Sandra.


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