Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Assignment - Not a Report of My Death! :)
SandraTeresa Davenport was many things to many people. She was grandly Bohemian. She moved about the earth as she pleased. She dressed herself in an easy, colorful fashion, always with a collection of trinkets around her neck and wrists. Her uniform was long, flowing skirts, mostly black with overblouses, shawls and baggy pants. She spoke clearly, with great authority, never leaving room for doubt, never needing encouragement or prodding. Knowing Sandra Davenport had many ‘affects’.

SandraTeresa Davenport was a hell of a woman!

She was the third child of six born to Claude and Ethel Davenport. She constantly sought her place, her voice, her standing in the group. She was also seeking her place in the world, on this earth.
Sandra was ‘born in a female body in black skin’. This gave her inner warrior an extra edge. That may account for her formidable brain power: a trait she shared with all her siblings. Brilliance.
Birthplace - Clarkesville, GA
The word Edgy is one of the first words that come to mind when thinking about Sandra. She had a talent for putting even the bravest men, smartest women and most likeable liberal racists on edge. And she used it so well.
When this trait was mixed with her edginess, quick wit and beautiful smile, SandraTeresa Davenport became a walking/talking braniac demon—something to fear, to dread, and to befriend, if allowed. She was a wonderful friend. Her favorite thing was gifting. She loved Tea and many people here now have something Tea-related that Sandra gave them. She was very generous, in every way. Time, talents, opinions, all unsolicited, correct, and freely given. :)    
Her natural leaning towards helping people lead her to alternative health and healing. She never failed to consult on which herbs to use for which ailment, where it grew and how long it lasts.
Her family size and standing pushed Sandra to find and develop her natural talents. She was a gifted speaker and writer. She laughed often, loud and easily! Her laughter was like notes of joy randomly dancing through the air.
Sandra learned to dance listening to Smokey Robinson sing ‘Shop Around.’ In that year, she was six years old. She knew then, that she loved music, dancing, and, Smokey Robinson. She never gave him up and she never stopped dancing. Another thing she always said, “Before yawl pronounce me as surely dead, play something by James Brown. If I don’t start dancing, I’m dead.  [That's why you hear him singing right now.]
She was pretty—without makeup and always smiling, even when she was causing somebody to quiver, quake and pray out loud. But San was like that.
You are here today because you experienced some of the above described ‘affects’ of knowing SandraTeresa Davenport. 
 Sandra was also often heard to admonish us, “don’t cry for me if I leave here before you do’. I ask you, how would we not cry? How would we not despair? Who, now, will fill in the gaps in what we think we know about religion? Who will be first on the floor when Motown oldies come on?  No more SandraTeresa Davenport? No more easy and quick answers to questions about alternative health and medicine?

Although seminary-educated and ordained, she espoused no traditional religion, cursed many of them and dutifully avoided all of them. She did, however move in large, definite strides toward and into metaphysics. She never doubted the truth of reincarnation. She marveled to think of the growth of the spirit, from one lifetime to the next and the next. Today, she is stepping up to her beliefs and understandings. She is rising to that great unknown now she knows. All her questions have been answered and she continues to rise. She left this old world much healthier than she found it. She left it more light-hearted. She likely is encouraging us all always to LiveWellToday/DrinkTeaAlways! Amen.


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