Monday, March 14, 2016

First Book Cover
Whenever I hear the word ‘manifesto,’ the first thing that comes into my mind is The Communist Manifesto [1848] by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and the second thing is The Black Manifesto, prepared by James Forman, a former leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee [April 1969].

This Manifesto The Health Reverend’s Manifesto. It is so titled because I am the. Health Reverend. I am a Seminary-educated, ordained minister with a background in Alternative Health and Wellness. I am a trained/experienced Certified Reflexologist, I am studied in Social Activist Ministry.

My initial goal was to become a church consultant. My Hope was to consult churches who had or needed Health and Wellness Ministries. This didn't happen so I continued to look for other ways to support myself. Along the way I have encountered several different options but the one that appeals to me the most is writing. Because I really believe that there are more people online right now then there are in church. I further believe that the world is still “hungry for the living word…”.

I know that there is no one way for my work to be done. There is not single one area of health to concentrate on. I therefore incorporate health into everything that I do: Social/cultural health Financial Health, and awareness. I study and write and think about the conditions of women and children. I study and I write and I think about the circumstances of poverty and homelessness and racism as well a the historical foundations of these situations. I am a Womanist/Liberation Theologian.

Accepting this challenge is going to be a great boon for my writing efforts. Thus far I have completed one print book. My first eBook that is languishing on Amazon and eBay, and I also have a second book in the series on its way. The focus of those two eBooks is Alternative Health, with a view toward Seniors [Or anyone who needs it].

I've always loved writing. I have always loved to research. And I've always been fascinated by that area of experience called Alternative Health. I have been equally fascinated by religion, and all that I have taught about religion, religious practices, religious beliefs, religious wars and so forth.

I graduated from The interdenominational Theological Seminary where we historically train more black preachers that any other institution in the world. I, therefore, have a very large, serious heavy-duty charge to keep and writing is my way to do it. I am not a Pulpit preacher. I don't have a congregation; and I frankly am not interested in having one. I do, however, host a local and a blogtalkradio show. On this show, I discuss all the above-mentioned areas of experience, and many others. Writing will be my way of reaching my congregation. In other words to quote a hymn, it will be my way “ reach the masses, men of every birth…”.  I don’t blame the preachers and church leaders because their members are ill; I’ll just do my best to help them get well. My current blog also provides me a great, great platform for interacting, instructing, helping. I really forward to building my readers and listeners. Without a doubt, I need to improve my blog’s appearance, improve my about me page and just make it work!
Drink Tea, No Matter What!

Generally, I write for: Everyone and anyone seeking to enhance/improve their physical health, ultimately becoming their own ‘Health Guru’. I wish to begin this work with the group whose health I know best: Seniors and Boomers!


Sandra d - TheHealthReverend


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