Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Oh well this is exciting. It is always exciting for me to sit down and put words to paper.
[It is even more exciting now that I am using Google Voice typing. It has been a great, great help to me in meeting my daily writing goals; not just for the challenge but for the my own work.
The first person who came to my mind was the late great Channeler known as Jane Roberts. She had already passed away by the time I became aware of her. Nevertheless, I have read most of all that she wrote; some of what her husband wrote and I have loved every bit of it.

When I heard Jane Roberts’ voice, I heard reality discussed; I heard reality shared; I heard reality enlightened.

I was on a mission of escape from organized religion when I encountered her and I was greatly delighted to meet her. Her voice is actually being used to Channel a disembodied entity known as Seth. This entity Seth speaks about the nature of reality in way that I had never heard but had definitely considered, for many years.
Jane Roberts’ voice is strong and clear and compassionate and warm and certain. When you listen to her talk, or when you read her words, it is always clear that she has absolute faith in the things about which she speaks. She has no more space than her being for doubting her self, nor her reality.
Not only do I question reality and beliefs, but I speak these questions as often as possible. My goal is to speak as clearly, as strongly and as surely. Yes, indeed I have found much, much, much from her that I have kept and folded into my own presentation.
The voice of Jane Roberts was always different from everyone else's. Jane Roberts’ voice was always plaintive, serious, sincere. She never seemed to take her self or her life lightly. No doubt, there were many who considered her to be “too serious”. I have had that very same thing said to myself many times.

Many times in my life, I've been told

·         lighten up
·         don't be so serious
·         don't take everything so seriously
·         don't take everything to heart.
In my view, there is nothing light-hearted or humorous or silly or simple about myself or my existence and certainly not about my life as I have seen it to be.
From My Own Collection - After Many Reads!
What speaks to most loudly from the voice of Jane Roberts is the absolute necessity to always examine beliefs. 
To always, always, always look at what you believe and wonder if it's true. Wonder if I believe it because someone told me to or because I read it in a ‘religious’ book or because the respected, righteous Elders of my clan believe it.  I always seek to speak in a different voice; to question what I perceive as reality; to find ways to share my insight with others. I can do it. All of my life, I have wanted to extrasensory experiences, the Out-Of-Body Experiences. Jane’s experiences and her deliveries have made dust of my doubts and released me from many, many assigned beliefs.
This is what I remember from Jane Roberts’ and I promise you it absolutely is worth keeping. I’m not sure I took any liberties. J

This is The Health Reverend signing off with 587 words! 
SandraTeresa Davenport | The Health Reverend


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