Saturday, October 17, 2015

Endless Knowledge and Information. Use it!

HEADING/OPENING: Today is Saturday October 17, 2015. The time is 5:00 p.m., I am your best friend for the next half hour: Sandra Teresa Davenport also often known as The Health Reverend.


In the next 30 minutes, I am going to give us a few things to think about, regarding truly basic biblical principles of health and wellness. I am bringing you a new way of thinking about some principles you may already know. But mostly, I want to awaken you to what you were given when the breath of life was breathed into a pile of clay and you became a living thing.

 I want us to recall that we are created in the image of a perfect creator, and, we therefore, are reflections. Let’s take a different, an alternative, look at what that means:

MOTTO:  1 Corinthians 14:19, “…I would rather speak 5 words with my own understanding that by my voice others might learn also, than to speak 10 thousand words in an unknown tongue.”

FOUNDATION SCRIPTURES: Genesis 1:29, Genesis 6:3, Hosea 4:6 and today, 2 Timothy 2:15. 

TODAY’S HYMN: Give of your best to the Master; Give of the strength of your youth; Throw your soul’s fresh, glowing ardor Into the battle for truth. Written by Howard B. Grose, published in 1902.

BODY/EXEGESISPsalm 139:14 KJV  do you remember the praise song written in the 14th verse of the 139th Psalm? Do you recall what was going on when it was written? Do you know what the word psalm means? A psalm is a song of praise and worship, specifically found in both the Jewish and Christian worship experience.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. KJV

Today, I will ask you a series of questions. They are not necessarily meant for you to answer, just to consider. I want you to please consider the answers that you would give to these questions. Your answers will be your commitment, your contract, your dedication. I will tell you in a moment, to what you are making this dedication. 

RECENTLY, I HAVE ENCOUNTERED endless information on the topics of anti-aging, stress control, diabetes, fat burning and so forth. I settled on three people [doctor, researcher, chiropractor] and I’ll tell you why for each one:

I have the least to say about Dr. Richard Lustig: he believes sugar is poison. Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he is a professor of clinical pediatrics. I’ll be back with him soon, when we focus on sugar. For now, I’ll just tell you this: sugar is not your friend! I think I said that before.

Here the other day, while I was walking, I listened to a health video by a neurologist, David Perlmutter. He used the word “neurogenesis’: neuro refers to the brain; genesis refers to creating. This man was discussing the brain’s ability to regenerate itself. He was! I started to wonder: if people knew that their brains were so perfectly—wonderfully—made, would they still use do the things that destroy it? Or, would it become even more precious in every moment? Would we even be willing to listen to loud music, much less drink a cup of caffeine? 

According to Perlmutter, there is “no separation between the belly and the brain..." – because there are so many nerves and nerve endings in the stomach. You can control your brain by controlling what you eat. Imagine that.

The best foods, according to Perlmutter include fermented foods: sauerkraut & cultured yogurt, artichokes, onion, leeks, garlic and dandelion greens.

FOODS TO GET RID OF: sugars and artificial sweeteners. Because, these will change your gut bacteria and doubles your risk of diabetes!

Please take some time and see what he has to say about Depression, inflammation and the risk of brain decline. Thank you. Take a look and see what you learn.

The third and—for me—the most outstanding, is Dr. Eric Berg. He is a 50-year-old chiropractor, in Alexandria, Virginia. As far as I am concerned, his claim to fame is his work in endocrinology [the glandular system of the body]. From him, I am learning about glandular health, body types, specific exercises for each and what foods best nourish each of the [four] glandular body types.

He talks about how many trillions of cells there are in the human body and how they are constantly working to stay alive. How they operate do keep forcing toxins out. And this is where it really gives me a pause; where it causes me to truly, truly marvel: every cell in our body knows its job, and performs it quite well, no matter what we are doing. If we had known that our cells were ageless, would we have ever fed them junk foods? If we had known, from the beginning, that the length of our days was to be 120 years, how many things would we have done differently? How could we not have time to exercise? How many days would we be willing not to walk?

So, it seems, that while these cells are working to detox themselves, they must necessarily be rebuilt. The building materials for this rebuilding: the best food and nutrition. Not processed; not imitation; not sugar. No, indeed. Back to the Garden! If we only knew.

Now, while it is true that the cells are replacing and rebuilding themselves, it is also true that they need the right rebuilding materials. What does that mean: proper nutrition. And proper nutrition can NOT be found in a box, in a bag, in a can or a carton. It will never, ever, be found at a fast food, drive-thru window, no matter how good the deal is and how much the kids like it!

At this point, recall last week’s directive: ‘study, to show thyself approved’, ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’. These are truths, my friends. Will we divide them rightly?

Now, let us take another look at the topic, the idea, the fact, of being fearfully and wonderfully made:

Do you know what it means to have too many ‘histamines’ in your body?  Well I don’t either really know what it means, but I do know what happens when I’ve taken anti histamines.  They help you breathe better and they also do something about cold symptoms.  However, anti histamines are drugs.  Now is another question for you: did you know that parses means a natural fifth th th fifth to do you know did you know that parsley is a natural anti histamines?  It is.  I read about that in last week’s book, Back To Eden, and then, I tried it for myself.  You could make just make tea if you wanted to, but I just ate a handful of it and save some trouble at some time. It worked.

That then, is an alternative--One that is definitely worth study.

Here is another question: have you ever heard of acupressure?  Have you ever visited a chiropractor?  Have you ever heard of reflexology?  There you have some alternatives.  Remember, I am using the word alternative, because that is the first word of the tagline of LivingWellMinistries. 

Do you know how acupressure works?  Do you know how chiropractic works?  Do you know how reflexology works?  Well I’ll tell you they all will work together with the person who’s doing it and what your body already knows to do to heal itself.  Sometimes it is as if a body’s own when these to be told to do the right thing for constructed to do the right thing for released to do the right thing, and it does it.

It’s kinda like when you get a massage, and your body relaxes, it’s because relaxed is the normal state for a human, animal, plant body to be in.

Let me give you another example of awesome wonder: when you massage the nerve endings in your feet, there is a reflex point somewhere else in your body that is affected. So, you can massage the bottom of your big toe, and affect the points in your big head! Ain’t that something! There is no end to the alternative ways we have of getting and staying well. No end, I tell you! all I want to do is hand you over enough of them so that you will eventually find some of them interesting enough to: explore, experience, or at least, just to learn some more about. And let me tell you something: this treatment of reflexology is no joke! TRIVIA QUESTION: Where were the first images found of one person working on another’s feet? [No takers:] they were inside the Egyptian pyramids. That’s right. It dates itself right back to ancient Africa. Again, I say: ain’t that something! 

Does this all sound rather awesome and wonderful to you? It does to me!   

Just be sure of this: there is no end to the alternative ways that we can use to maintain the awesome wonder that we are; no end. If we seek, we will find. If we ask, we shall certainly receive.

No matter how you view all of these pieces of information, you owe it to yourself to at least look at it. I tell you what I'm gonna do I'm going to read something to you from this book and you decide how you want to apply it.

REDEDICATION: Yes, just do it and keep doing it. Simple as that. But, I am soon to return to blogtalk radio. Again, you’ll be able to dial in and ask questions. I already have the special headset for that. I’m really excited to be so ‘wired’ for so much technology. 

Your Assignment: Take off after one of these new alternatives that I’ve just mentioned. Get someone to tell you about it; read a book about it; talk to somebody who has already done it. If all else fails, call the local chiropractor, or a Massage Therapist or an Aromatherapist and ask a few questions. Then, just tell them that you’re doing an assignment and that your Minister wants you to know what it’s all about. They won’t mind. Give it a try. It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby, and not half as dangerous! I promise.

Now, just because I give you a different assignment each week, don’t forget your original one: the daily kale shake…

Speaking of which, I don’t know what it might be, but some vermin or other is eating away at my fall garden and I’m not amused. I’m determined to win, though, I will tell you that. It’s still not too late to rush in to Habersham Habitat and buy up some seeds for the spring.

RETURN TO BOOK REVIEW: Back to Eden, originally published in 1939 by Jethro Kloss, discusses how life-style affects health. Like many others, Dr. Kloss discusses the temptations to overeat; the presence of stress and other health detractors. Chapter XXXII, "Directions For Use Of Non-Poisonous Herbs", Kloss give step-by-step instructions on using roots and barks, flowers and leaves, powdered herbs. The instructions include whether or not to crush roots and barks, to extract their medicinal values and exten s to how much powdered herb is equal to the same amount of dried. He follows this with instructions on how to make simple syrups, using raw honey or karo syrup; how to make salves and poultices, and gives recipes for which poultice to match to which common ailment.

Today we are continuing with the book from last week: Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss, an herbalist.  Born on 27 April 1863 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Jethro Kloss was a devout Seventh-day Adventist… [H]is prime concern in life was helping others, and especially helping them to get well and to live better.

A bit of information about Dr. Kloss’ background: although he is known as Dr., he had no medical training. He was an herbalist. He believed that virtually every ailment could be cured with herbs.  

On Roman numeral page 2 in the introduction, Dr. Kloss quotes Hosea 4:6 and then he goes on to say that “…a lack of knowledge based on truth is accountable for much of the untold suffering and miseries of humanity.”

Remember now, this book was written in 1939. People are still buying this book and using this book and reading and studying this book, today. You know there is some good reason for that.  

On that same page, he mentions that if people would resort to “…simple means, and follow the simple laws of health that they have been neglecting - - proper diet, use of pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest, and nature's remedies, herbs, nature would restore the body to its original health.”

Further, according to page Roman numeral 2, Kloss states:  “…all science of ancient Egypt when it was in its glory and the science of ancient Babylon when it was at its height, the wisdom of Solomon when he lived in obedience to God and the science and knowledge of this enlightened age as taught in the colleges and universities does not equal the science in nature and yet it is little understood by the most intelligent people. “

Kloss goes on to say: “God has provided a remedy for every disease that might affect us; no disease can affect anyone for which God has not provided a remedy. Our Creator foresaw the condition of mankind in these days, and made provision in nature for the ills of creation.”

CLOSING: Never forget to study! Never forget that you have been promised 120 years--not just three score and ten. Whatever you do, please let us never forget that there is endless knowledge available for our assistance. Let’s live well, while we’re living.

I surely do hope that I’ve said something that will convince you, remind you, assure you, that you are indeed, fearfully and awesomely made. I trust you will find yourself acting on this fact, and that your acts will bring you to fuller days and restful nights. I hope that you will soon enjoy new inspiration for health and for wellness. Finally, my sincere hope is that you will soon decide and declare, that you do, indeed, want to get well, and you will make every possible dedicated effort, to arise, and to walk in health!  

SIGNATURE: I am SandraTeresa Davenport, your Health Reverend. I have enjoyed chatting with you today. I look forward to doing it again next week at the same time and location. I will be so glad to hear from you, any time!


SandraTeresa Davenport
 706 768 4917


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