Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transcript of the local broadcast of LivingWellMinistries, ‘Arise and Walk’ a 15-minute discussion of Biblical Principles of Health and Wellness. Presented by SandraTeresa Davenport, also often known as The Health Reverend, and the question remains: do you want to be healed? Wouldst thou be made whole? If so… listen in.


Today’s Topic: Planting Seeds – A new season has started. Generally, when fall comes, people start to gather in close, and cover up and sit still a little more. Me, I always like to find something different and new for myself, at least, and see what happens next. So, I just planted my first-ever fall garden. I got inspired the last week of August and my greens are growing nicely.

Critters have started. 

The point: Most people think of planting in terms of putting something that’s going to grow somewhere, most likely in soil, most likely outside, in the ground; again, not so. Most of the time, most people think of spring as the best or only time to plant but not so… planting can happen any time.

The most important thing: good seeds, and fertile soils.

Today’s quote: To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Audrey Hepburn. 

I don’t know what came before or after but I agree with it and now I’m handing it off to you.

Two words I learned in the seminary that I really love: exegesis [reading meaning out of the scripture] and pericope [a selected portion of a scriptural text]. However, one can exegete any other source of inspiration. That is what we’re after: Not only exegesis from the bible and sacred texts… so for now, I am stepping aside of the generally accepted text…

For us humans, growing and planting happen in all seasons. There is always a time when a seed is planted. It may be when we least expect it.  Once a good seed is planted, it will grow, no matter who planted it, when it was planted or why, which matters least of all. How are you today seeding your life, your health—for your future, for your tomorrows? Remember, planting means believing in tomorrow; Trusting in something that you have not yet seen. Leaning upon some body of knowledge that has not yet been verified…belief.

Do you recall when you were just a seedling of a person, and someone planted an idea in your head? Did someone show up to ‘plant’ and ‘weed’ u into who u are today. Of course, my mother, Ms EthelMae, [and various other household Gibsons] got us all off to a good start. Then she put us in position to be helped by others in the neighborhood. There were several women who I considered aunts but were not, related, but to whom I always felt very close to, and deeply loved:

Dedication – Louise Williams, Hattie Mae Primer, Mildred Moss and Christine Cole.  Of course, there are others, but these are the ‘extra’ aunts from outside the family line.

So, then, whenever you look at someone and smile, or speak a word of encouragement to a ‘youth’, or even when you simply keep the good thought about yourself, your life, you are, indeed, planting seeds. And, there WILL BE A HARVEST. COUNT ON IT…

Today’s pericope: “…settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.” Jeremiah 29:5

Of course, at this point, I am returning to the Kale shakes. When you do your grocery shopping, develop the habit of shopping the perimeter. It’s easy: just go in, go get some produce, some fruit, some nuts and then, circle around, buy some meat if you eat it, then fish. Move along forward to the cheese, buttermilk, heavy whipping cream, yogurt [if you like that], and then, ease on out… See, I told you it’s simple.

You are planting seeds into your future health every time you take a walk or when you drink water instead of soda; or if you eat greens instead of grits [We’ll be back to grains, here shortly.]. Every time you the smallest thing to make sure your health is better tomorrow than it was today, you are, indeed, planting seeds. Every time you read an article, listen to a tape, or watch a video on self-healing, you are, indeed, planting seeds. You may be sure: there will be a harvest.  All you need is good seeds planted in good soil. You will be glad you did.

First, you must answer this question: Do you want to be healed? Do you want an end to aching and ailing? Do you want more energy and enthusiasm? It can happen!

In the ground...
I have planted my seeds. Kale! 

Next week's topic: Study. Alternatives. Outcomes.

Please remember your assignment: One Kale drink every day.

ALSO, SOON TO RETURN TO BLOGTALK RADIO – INTERNET. ONE-HOUR LONG. You will be able to call in, but you will have to return to this blog to get the number. :) 

Great news! I recently befriended Neil Dover, great country music singer, born and raised right here in Habersham! He’s going to provide me some music. 

As you know, I will help you in any way that I can. You know how to find me: 706 767 4917, @healthreverend, thehealthreverend@gmail.com; www.thehealthreverend.blogspot.com, It has been my pleasure to chat with you today. Please join in again next week Saturday, and no matter what happens, live well today!



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