Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A tiny green leafy item found in produce, most widely known to shoppers and diners as a garnish. I was at a Passover celebration and we were served Parsley to dip in vinegar. [As I recall, to symbolize the bitterness of the Exodus.] Most often, we don’t eat our garnish; not so with Parsley.

Clearly not Parsley, but a lovely yellow bush!
Again, speaking from personal experience, Parsley is a fine and dandy medicinal tiny green leafy garnish. Say you have a sinus situation, stuffy, runny, etc. If you get ahold to some Parsley and eat it, you will soon have breathing relief. You may also make tea of it; it is said to be ‘sympathetic’ to the kidneys. One thing I know for certain about Parsley: it is absolutely diuretic. Indeed, so.

It is a curative for bad breath--Garlic, for instance. If you chew the fresh item after consuming Garlic, Onions, Coffee, Booze, it will clear the bad from your breath.

If a person wanted to experience an absolute kidney flush, they could juice Celery, Cucumber, Parsley and Ginger. And they would stay very close to a bathroom. This is one combination you can depend upon. Oh, but it tastes really good!
You probably realize that I'm using a green font and I know it's hokey, but hey, you gotta have fun!
Now, go on out and get some Parsley, and as always, livewelltoday!
Sandra Teresa Davenport – thehealthreverend
Arise, and Walk! Biblical Principles of Health and Wellness


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