Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am Sandra Teresa Davenport. I am no preacher; nor am I the child of a preacher. However, I fully accept, embrace and enjoy my calling into ministry to teach and preach. The name of my ministry is LivingWellMinistries.

Further, in the words of Franz Fanon.

“Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.”

Now then, if I were an active 'preacher', I would conduct some sort of service most Sundays. If I were a Christian, I would have conducted that service in the most widely-accepted format: opening hymn, scripture, welcoming guests, introduction of pastor, and the much-anticipated, Sermon. After that, I would have opened the door to Christian discipleship--also often referred to as—inviting people to join the church. By this time, you--out there in the pews--would be so ready to go that the closing hymn would be just a big of a drag. Oh, I almost forgot: I would have to have someone come down to the front of the church and welcome visitors.
Howbe ever, this is the age of the internet, and I do my work online! It is wonderful!  I want to thank the living God: I am not an active preacher, nor a pastor, nor, in fact, do I even attend church services on a regular basis. Too boring for my brain. Regular church attendance is what the Christian believer does...I don't have those kinda beliefs.

In preparation for my series [videos, clips, reading lists, etc.] entitled TheHealthReverend, let me say this:
My 'services' will always have most of the above-named components. Just with a much different flavor. I will 'preach' and teach from more than just a bible. Every item of existence has some meaning and a message. I will try to hold your attention with such things as definitions of terms [in case someone doesn't know what exegesis means]. Opening songs will include 'Blowing in the Wind' [Stevie Wonder] and 'How Can I Keep from Singing' [Eva Cassidy]. Everyone will be welcome and no there will be nothing to join; likewise, no tithes, building funds or pastor’s salary to pay.
Something from my seminary experience must be added: Dr. Howard Thurman [great Christian Mystic]; Dr. Jacqueline Grant [pioneering preacher woman who gave the world Womanist Theology].
Likewise, please keep an eye out for my YouTube Channel, theredpodium, from whence I will answer my calling to teach and preach. What will I teach? Biblical principles of health [Genesis 1:29] and welfare [Eccl. 10:19].
When I joined the last church that I ‘belong to’, the minister stated that I “…always gives you something extra to think about.” I promise you, I will always do that. It is my duty, my obligation, indeed, my absolute pleasure.
We’re going to live a long time, yawl. We have a lot to learn, and so much to do. I must ‘serve my present age, my calling to fulfill…’ I would appreciate it if you would help me to do this. Read my blogs, follow them; Listen to my blogtalkradio show on Saturday, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. EST, and share them with others.

 I am Sandra Teresa Davenport, and I appreciate talking with you.

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