Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beginnings - on My GrandMother's Mantel
Well, here in the last moments of my free time, I'm 'moved' to write of my Apothecary. I love that word: Apothe-cary. It makes me think of something mysterious and moving. It conjures visions of someone moving about in long, flowing, loose-fitted clothing mixing and making things. Things, in this case, refers to lotions, potions, teas, and such.
The title I have given myself for now is Herbal Alchemist. I know that an alchemist is one who works with metals and such. What appeals to me is the melding and restructuring and so forth. To be a part of such efforts is very exciting.
To the extent that I perform these functions [albeit only for myself] I take my place among the starts who really do.
Take heart, my friend! It won't be long before I do it for the masses--mix, and match, and heat and blend and oh! It's just so exciting.
What I want from you is this: stay close, so when the time comes for us to release videos and such, you'll be out front, in the center!
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