Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today’s broadcast is dedicated to the memory of Deborah Cole Baker, an energetic, outspoken pretty woman who I knew from childhood. She departed this life just a few days ago after being here for only 56 short years. While I was thinking about Deborah, my topic was handed to me and I accepted it: length of days. 
Today  I am using two opening scriptures:  Genesis 6:3 New International Version: then the Lord said, "…humans …are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years ... And for further consideration: 
Deuteronomy 34:7 this is a story we all know quite well. At least, we have surely, most of us, heard it enough so that we could know it well. It simply says: although Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eye was not dim, nor his vigor abated. Moses was 80 years old when he was called to lead the march. He lived another 40 years after that and still had the vision and the energy and physical strength that he had at age 80. And we can do it, too!
Opening statement: We can, all of us, lengthen our days.
I am going to use a few stories to make a few points and see how it works. Yawl know I love stories; both telling and listening.
Listen to this: in the creation story, god breathed the breath of life into a pile of clay and man became a living thing. That’s another familiar story. In my view, when that clay became a living thing, our creator promised us a long and full life. Not necessarily always happy and light, but full. What does full mean? It means that at every opportunity, we will at least try to increase our awareness, expand the reach of our imagination, and increase value of our friendships and achievements. The great one who created us, promised also to assist, to intervene, to direct and to see to it that we prosper. We were then made in the image of god, with abilities and strengths and emotions and ideas and desires.
On the other hand … we, likewise, made a parallel promise: We agreed to a contract, we joined in an agreement, we made a commitment, a dedication. Humankind made a contract with its creator. In fact, we promised god something, too. We agreed and promised that we would do our best to live a long and full life, and go to our graves without grief. Grief over what? The unfulfilled moment, the efforts not made, the trips not taken, books not written. Who knows? Most of all, we are duty bound to guard and protect and enhance this ‘ball of clay’ that we live in. Yes, we are. It doesn’t matter who says what about sickness and disorders of the body. There is always a great deal more that we can learn to do to enjoy enhance and expand the length of our days. That brings to mind last week’s hymn A Charge to Keep, based on Leviticus 8:36 – written in 1762 by Charles Wesley one of the founders of the Methodism.

A charge to keep I have, a god to glorify,
A never-dying soul to save, and fit it for the sky.
To serve the present age, my calling to fulfill:
Oh, may it all my pow’rs engage to do my master’s will 

 A charge to keep is not just for those who were ‘called’ to minister or preach. No; every time you feel a stirring in your soul that tells you to speak up for someone, act for someone, speak against meanness and cruelty, you are keeping your charge.  We all have a charge to keep.
For the purposes of these 15 minutes, our charge is to learn to care for our bodies, our health, our lives as best we can. I firmly believe that all of us want to do it. 
Maybe you are just not one to go in search of new information. You may want to know how to replace a drug with an herb. You just don’t want to know badly enough to search it out. You may want to know what can help your inflammation, your indigestion or your constant headaches, but you don’t feel bad enough to ‘heal your self’. That’s okay. That’s where LivingWellMinistries comes in. This 15 minute block of time is just a scratch on the surface of what we need to do. I say we because I need to do the work of passing along this instruction and you or someone you know needs to learn and use it. Simple as that. Please, if you are listening today, if you did listen last week, if you think your will listen again next week, share with others. And, please, attend our classes. Somebody you know will be glad you did. I surely will be!
Again, how and why does LivingWellMinistries do this work: because it’s what I was called to do: teach and preach. [Notice which one is first.]  So, then on Tuesday night, I conduct classes on Biblical Principles of Health and Wellness. What makes them biblical? It’s where we begin; where we start; it’s our focus and foundation for all else that we do: “…prosper and be in good health..”  3 John 1:2
Where to start? At the Library!
Let’s return for a moment to: Genesis 1:29, "…God said, I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Do me a favor and check again and make sure that you see no processed foods, no sugar, no salt, no soda, no canned foods of any kind. Then, if you truly and fully accept the promise of a totally benevolent God, act like it, step up, step out, and begin, you have a promise to keep.
Again, I re-direct your attention to Luke 4:23, "... Physician, heal thyself." now, we here in the Bible Belt believe every word of these stories. Depending on the circumstances and the need, we stake a great deal on them. Now, if you don’t take the time, the energy, the effort to heal yourself, what will you offer anyone else? How does the head of a house teach health and wellness to its young when the head itself is sick… Think it over.
Remember, the number one simple, cheap/nearly free activity your can do to heal yourself is: walk…

One thing that I love about this instruction is that, no matter where I find myself, I always return to the absolute foundation of LivingWellMinistries: John 5:2-7—it brings me back to a very simple, direct question: ", ... Do you want to be healed?"  Do you want to get well? Would you like to feel better, move easier, laugh more, think more clearly? My answer to these, and any similar questions: is a definite, absolute, resounding ‘yes’. What about you?
Here’s another story: I often speak with/listen to people talk about their illnesses. Most of us who survived the 60’s intact, have at least one of the 5 major killer diseases: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and obesity. After a while, a person will get tired of me or run out of excuses and then I get, “…God’s gonna help me quit smoking/lose weight/stop eating sugar/start exercising, add whatever you want to the list. Then, there’s my second favorite: I’m praying about it; you could pray for me, etc. Faith without works is dead; and So.Is.Prayer!
To take such a position, in my view is this: speaking of the above commitment, it is a travesty of faith, a joke, a great way out of responsibility; it is an outright insult to the great God who created us. A God who gave us a brain—a brain that grows and expands—to use in any instance, for any occasion  at every opportunity, but all we can do is sit and say ‘God’s gonna do it for me?’ Really? God just may be waiting to see you do something before stepping in. Have your considered that? I know for certain that god helps who helps themselves. Think it over.
Tuesday, September 29, at 7:00 p.m., I will continue discussion of ‘Sleep, Sugar and Sickness’. We will soon have an entire Tuesday night class on sugar, alone! Next month, we will begin the series: ‘Silence and Solitude’ and how these two experiences affect our health and wellness.
Again, I really would love to hear from some o’yawl. Like I said: just let me know that you heard me. OK, you can even tell me if you didn’t enjoy it, but you’ll have to tell me what you want me to improve. Also, if you have specific areas you want me to cover, let me know. I’ll help you in any way I can. In the meantime, visit my blog:! Email: the health; phone 706 768 4917. If none of this works, just send the police. They know where I live and they know my car, so i’ll get to you one way or the other. Hey! you can even follow me on twitter @healthreverend. This one, I’m still learning, so have at it!
Please remember your assignment: it won’t change much from week to week: and it has two parts: first, go get yourself some Kale [remember that the red leaves help cure macular degeneration] and drink a Kale shake every day. It’s pretty tasty after you add in a half banana, berries and a cup of water.
Second part, get to walking. Remember, I walk in the park or the Cornelia mile every day—morning or evening—so I’m looking forward to a crowd of people next week. 

I hope something I have said will help your and make you want to join in again next Saturday. Until then, this is SandraTeresa Davenport, The Health Reverend, wishing you a happy healthy week. And no matter what happens, livewell today! 


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