Monday, January 18, 2016

64 Years Ago, This Was a Hospital
My BirthPlace
When I first heard of the Oregon stand-off, I just felt astonished. Then, after I thought about it, I felt disgust. Then a bit later, it was just comical. The over-reaching feeling that I have is: dam.

Really? This is what government does to defend itself, against enemies, both foreign and domestic? Wow.
Is the total count of men inside the armory equal to the number of black male CITIZENS murdered by white police officers this year, alone?
Is this the way government has decided to deal with its white male OUTLAWS these days?
Am I the only one who wonders this? What will it take for white people to punish white people? We already know it’s not when they kill us, steal from us, fire us, and whatever else. But a takeover of government property? Really?
And now, which of the presidential candidates will use this as a great new platform? Is this a matter of gun control? I think not.
Imagine this guy comparing himself to Rosa Parks, of all people.
Where Is It?
I just can’t get over the fact this guy and his followers are still alive, but they are. Really?
Does anyone remember when the city of Philadelphia [or, it might’ve been Pittsburgh] set fire to an entire city block, in search of one lone black militant? Somehow or other, they just don’t want these guys.
Ok, now for the record, as I conclude my rambling: I give up! I give up on government. The voting process is a complete, thigh-slapping joke. I was about to develop some faith in process, but this is ridiculous. I can only shake my head.
This is what the ‘greatest county on earth’ wants to the world to know about it: We learn terrorism right here at home...What. A. Shame...
Thank you for your time in reading this post. Let me know if you can help me understand it all.

Until later livewelltoday/DrinkTea! 
SandraTeresa Davenport
 BTW my photos have nothing to do with my post. I just put them to prove that I, too, am an American! 


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