Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Earl Grey. A Natural Winner!
Being that we are in National Hot Tea Month, and further being that Tea has such a plethora of health benefits, and even further being that, as The Health Reverend, I am duty-bound to always seek and share new health information, I am hereby making the supreme effort of daily postings regarding Tea, my most beloved beverage. I sincerely hope that you will ultimately find as much joy in the item as I do. I have no doubt that you will at least enjoy these entries, as I write them with you in mind and in heart.
Now, then, I have some new and yes, exciting information regarding Black Tea.  Earl Grey is a very popular blend of Black Tea. It takes its flavor from the Bergamot Orange. It is somewhat citrus and just a bit floral. Remember that Black Tea [all of, in fact] becomes very bitter when over-steeped. I feel this is even more important with this one. When you find a box of it [hopefully bulk] take a sniff of it. The scent alone is nearly intoxicating. But you me, I love all this stuff, anyhow.
As to the taste, however; it is really delightful. If you are new to Black Tea, I suggest you use only one half of a teaspoon. The general rule of use is one teaspoon for each cup and then one for the pot. This can result in some really stiff brews [liquors, they’re officially called: the liquids resulting from steeping Tea.].
In my current eBook, AllThingHerbal, I discuss the matter of certain Herbs having opposite properties. This blend is a great example. The Tea contains caffeine; the Bergamot is sedative. Now, I learned this when I was working 12-hour shifts. I decided that since I liked it, and since it was Black Tea, it would surely keep me alert. Wrong, again. I had a harder time staying awake that morning that I did sometimes on the over-night shift. You’ve been warned. Earl Grey also has a bit of a lingering aftertaste. There is only good that I can tell you about this blend. I suggest you start it with your breakfast. It accompanies toast, eggs and bacon quite nicely.
This morning's tea makes yesterday distant. ~Author Unknown
BTW: I never sweeten my Teas anymore, unless I am feeling like something for dessert. That doesn’t generally happen, as I’ve become LC/HF in recent times.
I trust you have enjoyed our Tea for Today. I’ll be back with you soon. Until then, LiveWell/DrinkTea!

Sandra Teresa Davenport



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