In my best effort to live up to my one-tea-post a day during National Hot Tea Month, I am continuing our conversation on Tea Equipage.  I hope you will enjoy it and  I surely hope you are drinking Tea!
"The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement."
~ Arthur Gray
Of all the Tea Equipage, this must the most crucial. Well, water, of course, so why don’t I start with that. It has been stated that filtered/distilled water is best for making a perfect cup of Tea. I have this to say about that: in case I haven’t said it before—the city water that comes out of the tap, makes a grand and glorious cup of Tea! Trust me, yawl. I would never, in good conscience, suggest that you buy water to make Tea. In my view, one must be a complete and total snob to do that. I imagine that many people do. I never will, mainly because I think there’s something ungodly about buying water, after paying the city for it.
Now I will pause for a moment at Water. I mean, it is necessary. According to various sources, the Japanese tell the story of the three stages of water boiling for tea. Fish Eyes [when there’s just a small bubble on the bottom of the water]; String of Pearls [when the water begins to boil upwards to the top, forming a pearl-like string from the bottom] and Turbulent Waters [also often referred to as a Roaring Boil]. Green Tea is said to be best suited to the second one. White Tea, does much better with the first one. I imagine because it’s a bit more delicate. We will next, take a look at
Pots. The Most Crucial of all Equipage. Stay tuned...

Sincerely, your friend
Sandra Teresa Davenport