Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I haven't abandoned my goal of Tea posts through the month, I am sharing with you the works of my hand [excerpted from my first eBook], hoping that it will help you in some way. Enjoy!

There is a wonderful science in nature, in trees, Herbs, roots and flowers, which man has never yet fathomed. [Back To Eden. Jethro Kloss. II]


It is important to remember that when using Herbals, many terms are interchangeable and may show up at any time. For example, Potions and Home Remedies are pretty much the same thing. It comes down to a matter of the person doing it [more on that in a later book].
When Herbs are blended, they offer a stronger benefit than one alone. Also, the properties of each item interact with all the others. Each item carries its own energy, resulting in what we call ‘synergy’. Herbs—fresh, dry, or powdered, all present a wondrous amazement of pleasure. Each one is a step closer to good health. My favorite blends are similar to my favorite hymn: I have at least 100. I could settle on one, if I had to. I’m glad I don’t.
I always begin with an ailment. For our purposes, I will use the simplest ailment/concerns/aggravations and go from there. They also happen to be the ones with which I have the most experience. Until I switched to a highfat/lowcarb diet, I had headaches rather often. But then, I was living a high-stress life. I don’t know more.:)
The following are some of my favorite. I love making Potions. It makes me feel more like the neighborhood ‘witchy’ woman of my fiction [EvieSmalls]. Every home should have one person who is familiar with Herbs. It is a very fine vocation.
Be encouraged to try your own combos and create your own Potions!


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