Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just a few members of my collection!
As you already know, I am The Health Reverend. Being so, I am always prompting, prodding, pressing people to livewell, or livebetter, in some way. During the month of December, the topic of my local radio show was gifting. Just for a moment, please allow me to don my preacher’s collar: A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. The inheritance of good health is an incumbent duty upon us all. There is no substitute for good health. There are no excuses for bad health. So, when we speak of inheritance, we must remember that it includes more than property, homes, cars, wealth. Simply put: Health is Wealth.
Just a little something
Having said that, let us now continue our month-long discussion of Tea, this time with gifting in mind. While I [presently] accept that I won’t open a Tea Room, I continue to collect. And I must say I collect, because I have a lotta stuff. [Anything over five items of one thing, for me, is a collection.] In order to keep the flow moving, I decided to make gifts and give them away. I did! It was great. I gave away nearly three dozen Tea gifts over as about three months’ time. The original motive was just to pare down. Then, I started gifting and loved it so much, I just kept at it. Gifting is much more fulfilling than simply returning something to the thrift store from which it came.  
A Simple Gift.

Instead of an assignment this time, I want to suggest this to you: share your Tea experience with someone, anyone. It could be relatives, co-workers, in-laws, outlaws, friends, even enemies. The possibilities are endless. And it doesn’t have to be so much. You many even find that you have something on hand that could easily become a Tea gift. My best to you on the 9th day of National Hot Tea Month, 2016! 
No matter what happens, LiveWell/DrinkTea! 


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