Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello, Everyone
This is just a note, but…
As you may recall, I haven’t posted here for quite a time. A time, indeed.
I have been ill. Not so.
I am in recovery. Correct.
In April of this year [2016] I experienced emergency brain surgery. Three weeks were spent in the hospital [out of my mind]. I have since spent the last several months at my sister’s home, in recovery.
The entire team of doctors/surgeons were impressed with my quick and full recovery.
What happened?
That was the favored question of the team.
Several members told me that the success I had with the illness and the recovery, were literally unheard-of.
What happened, what saved me?
It was a combination of the health and the genes I had on the day it happened.
What was it?
I was at my hometown Whopper. An aneurysm on a main vein ruptured. I had  a seizure, passed out, woke up, spoke of having too much heat. The people who worked/visited there, called the EMT crew and it went from there.
Those several weeks in the hospital, seriously, I was out of my mind. I have no memory of that experience. The only part of it I do recall is the day I was being released.
The two elder sisters were there, telling me that I was going home with the Number Two sister. I’d be staying there for as long as it took [for me to recover].
Me, stay at my sister’s home until I recover? Really? Why? What happened?
[ @#!*% , I asked that question with a great deal more urgency than the doctors did.] The sisters told me piece by piece about the thing but I never ended up with enough information. I’m still seeking to know.
I had a stroke. The reason it hurts so badly is that as you may know, I am healthfully aware: of myself, my age, nutrition, exercise, etc.
I am a minister.
My work is in biblical principles of health and wellness.
I host a weekly radio show.
But noooo
I. Had. A. Stroke.
That is entirely heartbreaking.
Somehow or other, I passed over sooo much information that I encountered about stroke and high blood pressure and stress and weight and so forth…a lot.
Instead of applying it, I just left it there.
It never once occurred to me that I was a living, breathing stroke, waiting to happen.
But I was.
And I did.
I am also left almost-daily headaches and intermittent dizziness.
I have learned something about my long-term memory aiding my brain’s recovery. All this information is extremely interesting. I’ll never get enough of it. And I don’t imagine that I’ll ever stop talking it over, if someone will listen.
Thank you for your time in reading this post, my dear. It is the beginning of my posting recovery. There is a great, great deal to share; more to come.
Yes, there will be pictures.
Stay well!

Sandra d.



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