Saturday, January 7, 2017

I am certain that this is a New Year.
I am certain that winter is here.
I know, for certain, I re-gained the weight I lost 
[No problem. I know what to do all over again.].

I recall that I stated in former blogs that I would post one each Sunday after noon.

You’re right: I have not done that.


 Please forgive me.
During the New Year, I promise to do better.

What happened?

In April, I had a stroke, after an aneurysm ruptured. I spent four weeks in the hospital and was asleep for three of them.

Since that time, I have been in recovery. It can take a long time—years for some of us.
My surgeon said mine may take a year. If so, I have a definite four more months to go.
 Until then...
I’ll keep at least one promise per blog posting.
 I want to share with others all that I have learned about Strokes since my recovery started.
I want you all to know as much as possible about to take the best 
care of your own health.
When you go to a doctor, I want you to know as much as possible and ask many questions.
Yep, you got it. I am no friend to doctors. I’ll likely say more about that later.

So, if you have, suspect or know you may have high blood pressure, work to lower it, please.
If you are overweight, decide what you will do to control weight.
Two Friends Walking in the Park, at Home

I just thought Yawl might be interested:
This is the hospital I was born in!
Come to see us, Ok!

If you need more sleep and release from stress, take another look at my site and there will be several references there, with more to come.
 Me? I absolutely love sleep and relaxation. Both of these help with lowering and releasing stress.
 I don’t want none of yawl to have a stroke, an aneurysm, high blood pressure.

Please remember: I am a southerner, and 'yawl' is one of my favorite words, after ‘sugar’.:)

I can help.

We have a great deal of information to share. I will surely do my part to make your part more fun and simpler, easier and much more workable.

I stand a much better chance of helping if I write weekly.


Starting here and now, I will be more actively Yawl come in and join me, ok? as your time allows.

NOTE: one other interest that I gained: Trees
. I swear, every tree that I see these days is completely intriguing me. They each remind me of people entangled with each other, all of whom are trying to keep growing and moving upward. Keep an eye out. I’ll start posting very soon.
We have a lotta trees to share!

So many sizes. This one is rather small and
I think it is in Phoenix, Az. 

Please, before I go, be sure to check my website. I'll be adding Trees soon. 

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