Sunday, February 21, 2016

Night Time in My Home Town
I am TheHealthReverend. It is my duty, my calling, my obligation, to speak out when the health is threatened, compromised, at-risk in any way. It is my further obligation to always trouble the comforted amongst us, to let us know that NO ONE is safe/healthy until we all are! To that end, I am speaking on a coupla topics that cause me great heartache, but indeed, I speak!
Wow. Just today on my blogtalkradio show, I discussed the killing of small girls in a church in Birmingham, Alabama. What I best recall about that day is how I wondered, in complete bewilderment, i) why someone would BOMB A CHURCH, ii) why grown white men would hurt little girls like me and iii) why, in the name of Jesus, didn’t anyone care? No one was embarrassed. No authorities stepped up. No one was punished. 
Then I wondered why white people hated us so much. I never was one for asking, so I just wondered. I wondered why white christians, preachers, teachers, even parents, didn’t seem to care about us. It’s just too much to think, that all these same people are staying home, locking doors and loading weapons. 
I wonder why it is that every American and every Christian must be better than someone and has the absolute right to hate someone. And never feel bad about it. I heard a white woman, sitting behind me on a plane, say ‘I hate southerners’. She said it more than once and with great emphasis. I approached her as we were de-planing. She was kind, she said, ‘I don’t hate you.’ Should I have felt good? Relieved? Special? Her husband is a minister and she is a Christian but she felt no shame at her statement. Imagine that.
I’d be willing to bet that she owns at least one weapon.
I am a certified law enforcement officer, trained and qualified in the use of handguns and shotguns. The instruction is ‘never shoot until you are sure of your target and what’s behind it’ and ‘look through the sights; not at the target.’ I must wonder if all those Texans have had adequate training? I wonder how they carry their weapons so that they can make a quick and accurate draw. 
Even more importantly, I still wonder if any of them are embarrassed afterwards? Or just dog-gone made, cause they missed! Wow. It’s a scary situation, a very bad, very scary situation. 
I refuse to wonder what it will be like in another 20 years after every able-bodied racist is able to kill whomever they like. They will soon outstrip the big-city police officers.
The late, great Dr. Howard Thurman stated that patriotism is a good excuse for national hatred. The time of true national hatred must be at hand, and it’s full, active, often, expression.
Heaven, Help Us All!
 SandraTeresa Davenport
TheHealth Reverend


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