Thursday, February 18, 2016

This is the title of a book by James H. Cone. I enjoyed reading it the first time and I enjoyed reading it the second time [last month].

This book was a gift to me from a friend I met at seminary. I attended the same seminary that Dr. King did, and Dr Cone taught at that seminary. He left before I got there. Which seminary was that? The ITC [Interdenominational Theological Center]. We are The ITC because every other seminary trains preachers in its own denomination. [At least, they once did.] We are the home of every African-American denomination plus Catholic and At-Large contingents as well.

When I enrolled, I encountered some difficulties with matriculation. Meaning: I found that I had no patience for the process of being taught by preachers to think like them. I had no intention of doing that [thinking like them] and tried to relieve myself of the Baptist label. It didn't happen: At-large was much more expensive and of course, Catholic was out.

But, I digress.

When I started this blog, I indicated that I would have a standing feature of a book review. I am returning to that function by way of the above-titled book. I was going to say what I loved about it: Well, other than the obvious, it thrills me to hear Malcolm's opinions and insight into White American Christianity presented so skillfully. He didn't know anything that Dr. King didn't; he simply didn't present with such soft eloquence. In any case, I'll return with a review here shortly.

In the meantime, remember that Tea--AllThingsTea--is the foundation of the teachings of LivingWellMinistries. So, please expect an entry on the topic at every opportunity. More importantly, please expect the AllThingsTea tab on this blog to come alive shortly.

I have just begun to enjoy Fahari Ya Kenya Tea. It is a strong, vital Black Tea with Ginger added. Potent and full bodied, it is composed of Fannings. As I am sure you recall from January posts, Fannings are the tiny little pieces of Tea left on the table of the drying/fanning room. 

That's my post for tonite. Verryyy sleepy.



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