Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just Drink Some Tea!
Well, it's like this: There is always a feeling. In fact, my instructor at the seminary said that we feel before we think. I think it goes like this: feeling/emotion. Emotions cloud thinking. Now, when we say emotion, it can mean strong feelings of confusion, anger, angst, in addition to sadness, depression, loss, etc. As  understand it, emotion may also be distressed thinking of any kind.

What's the point? I've been way too danged emotional here lately, to do any real good--to progress, I should say. and we all want to progress--to move forward.

Now then, what is the new approach? Just be cool. You know, keep your cool. That could be the answer to the whole stinking mess. Just be cool and keep moving.

Thattaway, a person can make some decisions, can realize some options, can, yes, indeed, see some forward movement.

I trust you will find our own movement to your liking and that you will return to this blog, soon and often.

In the meantime, please do this: drink tea! I suggest something black with ginger added in. Sweeten it with honey, of course.

livewell, always,

Sandra Teresa Davenport



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