Monday, December 1, 2014

Great Morning, Great People! Today is the first day of December with 30 to go. It is cold here in Northeast Georgia and I am up, about and somewhat alert.

This is just a note to say that I trust you're all doing well today [these days] and to tell you that I need some support! That's right. Have you ever had occasion to feel like you're doing something you must do but somehow can't quite figure out how. Have you ever felt like you were coming and going at the same time? Have you ever been distracted--repeatedly--from the projects you owe yourself, realizing all the while that you were wrong for it? Well, I answer yes to all those questions.

Not only that: I also declare that I will move. That's the thing: just to move, to get something going to see some progress.

So, I realized that I had at least a few minutes to use and here I am: writing this and hoping that my words will inspire you:

Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate.
 Still achieving; still pursuing, learn to labor, and to wait.
-Longfellow A Psalm of Life

Indeed so, it is quite a task to labor and wait at the same time, but we an do it, you'll see!

submitted in the early morning hours, by Sandra Teresa Davenport, The Health Reverend!

Livewell, always!


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