Friday, November 21, 2014

A Path...A Beginning
Those are not new words. life does, indeed, go on. I know. Sometimes it is exciting and thrilling; other times, not so much.  Forward movement is one experience that--I believe--all living 'things' have in common. The desire to fulfill is what pushes all creation. Again, I believe it does.

So, here I am, about to take a new leap, a new location. Yeah, I am about to move again. I have moved my life so many times in 42 years, I have probably forgotten some of them. This time, however, I am being deliberate about it. I'm planning how I want to do it, when, and so forth.

I have settled on a top five for my remaining years. One of the top three is to have what I want, how I want it. This means I just simply want what I want. Sure, I've lived other places and done other things and who knows, maybe have even made some great connections.

A Lark! That's what I want from here on in. I just want to have a doggone good time. It's been so long since I did [have a good time] that I can't really recall it. One thing I know for sure: I can do it again, and I will.

For example, I have published a book and I loved working on that book more than most other projects I have done to date. So, I want to continue to enjoy myself: writing, publishing, etc. That's not all, though. Another love of mine is retail. My ebay store is rebirthing and that, you guessed it, is very exciting. I have [somewhat] settled on my areas of concentration, so to speak: purses, neckties, exotic tops, skirts and eventually, pumps and children's clothing. Whew. It's a great time to be alive.

Along with the above, is the pending youtube channel and the blogtalkradio show to re-launch. So, now, as you can see, I have some work to do. What does this all have to do with you? Plenty! You're invited to join in with me.

Let's share a journey of recreating and fun and movement and money making and all else that the 21st century is waiting for us to share! Let's just see how much we can do and how much fun we can have.

Oh, horrors! I forgot to mention: the ministry, the alternative clinic, the tea room! Wow, I gotta get busy.

Whatever you do, where you do it or how, please do this one thing: livewell!

With all good wishes and best regards,
Sandra Teresa Davenport - thehealthreverend.

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