Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Favorite Thing - The Red Podium

I am now embarking upon a different plan of writing.

ASIDE: along with writing more and writing consistently, I also need more, more and more interested readers. I have a great deal to learn about a successful blog, and I will, you’ll see.

Today is Wednesday, May 3, 2017. I wrote this post out of the house because of cabin fever. It would likely be easier to endure if I could just walk outside and to the corner and be off. Cabin fever is what happens when a person just can’t possibly stay inside the house any longer. Then, the person will go just about anywhere and do just about anything.

If I do that in my previous hamlet [Cornelia], I’m off to a good stroll.

There are small businesses, and shops, the library and yes, the dollar store. I tell you this: sometimes you just don’t realize when you’ve got it good. My present hamlet is missing a bit of that, here and there.

If you read my blog, over the last few months, you know I am a Stroke survivor. It happened a bit over a year ago – April 13, 2016. I came out of the facility in early May, 2016.

Upon leaving, I was taken to my #2 sister’s house to Recover. That was lucky. She’s a school teacher and was out of school for summer. Bless her heart. I became her spring-summer-fall project. It went along, reasonably well. I was there for six months, give-or-take.

There is, in my brain, no memory of the entire Stroke and/or surgery. My #1 sister told me several stories about my time in the hospital. I recall nothing. 

Another good report is of the various people we know and love [and they love us] who came to the hospital to visit me. They have all told me themselves about the visits they made.

Some friends that I had before first grade, prayed for my Recovery. That is so very grand.

Just last weekend [May 1] I saw twin sisters who knew me at my birth. One was my uncle’s high school sweetheart.  She lives in a different hamlet, near the one where we live. She told me that she came to the hospital to visit me and was not allowed in. She was told by the nurses that I was in too delicate a condition for visitors. Along with that, my condition required a great deal of sleep.

The things I have seen while healing, include ...

My Calling!

And, I have seen a lot.

Whew. There is a wide variety of these experiences. They are similar to visions, I suppose. Today, however, I don’t know much about either one. I am, however, learning about hallucinations. That is the one that I have. For the purpose of my typing, I gave hallucinations the short nickname hals. My hallucinations reflect the part of my brain that is injured.

One piece of information I may have left out is the way I was injured. I passed out in the local BurgerKing. I walked in, fainted and jarred the ground. Oh, the floor, actually. I awakened, said something about the heat, and passed out again. This time, the staff dialed 911 and it went from there.

When I hit the floor, I obviously bounced a bit, as I have several sores, cuts, etc. on the back of my head. They are all healing nicely.

I have circled 500 words around my blog posts. That means that I must go quickly and surely to the point, using the proper words, and giving you a reason to return again next week.

Thank you so much reading this post. 

Please do share it with all your friends and family. Next week, I will continue.

SandraTeresa Davenport


TeaTime! Enjoy!



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