Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hello Everyone, Happy Sunday Evening...

I don’t mean to speak and write non-stop on the topic of Recovery. I don’t want readers to become bored with what I have to say. I am working to Recover, and do it well and fully. But, on the other hand, I am—remember—an ordained, seminary-educated minister. My ministry’s motto is ‘Helping People To LiveWell.’ Not only that, I am southern born-and-bred, African-American, female. The total of all this: I am supposed to help people.

In that vein, I am obligated to write.

I know I asked this question once before but ...

Have you or anyone you know and love ever had a Stroke, and survived.

Just a few more...

Do you or someone you love and trust, understand Stroke?

Do you know the signals of Stroke?

Are you responsible –or ever been—for a Stroke survivor?

What do you consider the most important of Recovery?

Thank you, everyone for your responses. You are being very helpful.


In my Recovery experience thus far, I have had great physical Recovery. I continue to work a with a few remaining minor challenges, but only a few.

Luckily, none of them scares me anymore, like they once did.

These days, I can jog, jump on my rebounder and balance on one foot, without wobbling. I don’t wobble from dizziness if I bend over to pick up something. Yes, I do have an almost daily headache. Daily, but minor.

The greatest step of all? I can remember stuff. Recall, Recollection may not all come in one big ball, but I can recall!

I am just ever so thankful.

Remembering an experience is as close to re-living it as possible. I live alone in a small town.

Loneliness is just about to become my roommate. I don’t her to, but she is quite steadfast and stubborn. I sit down about dinner time daily, with her. She always brings to me, a recall of a happier time. That makes me sad for a bit.

But not today!

These days, recalling is more of a pleasure.

These days, I understand my Recovery memories much better.

I am very grateful that my sister told me to keep a daily journal, because it would help me to recall more information.

On some days, I don’t do it, but when I do, I am ever so grateful.

 Tonight’s blog post is dedicated to my elder sister, the fabulous woman with a beautiful smile, dreadlocks down to her knees [nearly]. She is a great dancer and easy laugh-er. She is a semi-retired college professor, and often gives me suggestions/instructions and direction into behavior and habits that are definitely wholesome and helpful.  I stayed with her for a while earlier this year. A group of siblings is a grand prize.

Livewelltoday, Everyone.

You may know that one of my other ‘callings’ is health-enhancing Tea. I have come to know, use, love and yes, share, many of them. It is my intention to end each blog with some mention of Tea.

The present approach to daily Tea is Green with breakfast [or Black is more punch is needed] and herbal [Fennel, for one] until evening. Then, I switch to a sedative sort, and stay with it until bedtime.

I use this approach because amnesia is also one of my Stroke hang-ons.


SandraTeresa Davenport, your friend.



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