Monday, March 13, 2017

Cleveland is a small hamlet in northeast Georgia.

Small Hamlets in Northeast Georgia - Yawl Come to See Us!

 It is boarded by several other hamlets, each of which has some resemblance to us – Cleveland.

I may have said this already, but Cleveland was reasonably well known to me before I came to live here, because, I know people here, from school. Back in out 8th grade years, African-American students from several other counties were bused to Habersham. They became good students and we all became friends.


I haven’t posted in two weeks. I apologize for my laziness. I am not certain of this at all, of course, but I often feel that my daily exhaustion is causing me to become more lethargic. That is a bad course of action.

I gotta  get moving again, for good.

Well, as we all know, progress can not be rushed.

Nor can recovery—be rushed. At one point, I did start to realize I was rushing recovery so I have slowed down a great deal and am functioning much better.
I love books!

One thing that I have done: daily exercise. I walk for 30 minutes daily and before bed, I do some Yoga. I have always loved and adored yoga, strength training and running.

Whew, my feet and ankles hurt like the very devil. Who knows, I may run again some day.

They--feet and ankles--are needed for runners.

Again, I have slacked on my daily journaling. I agree with my sister that it’s a great aid in remembering the day before. However, something about it is saddening. These days, I am feeling saddened when I have no idea why.

One thing: an underlying fearfulness has been left behind by the stroke. I can’t quite figure it out as to why and from whence. I must say, however, it has lessened, but does still remain.

Among my present recovery-related goals is the location of a neurologist with a psychiatry/psychology background. I will not reset until I maintain an understanding of how all these different ‘impressions’ come and go.

In fact, I just want them to go. And yes, they are all going. In the meantime, I am reading all sorts of books and online articles and such, and I am learning daily.

So, I trust, are each of you!

Yes, my hallucinations have calmed down considerably.

Thank the Living God for that, and they don’t occur nearly as often.

I will tell you again, recovery is really something. 

Here, I am thinking about my journaling:

I must,indeed, put better efforts into that.

My thoughts seem to be coming to me like popcorn. I am not doing well, but I am doing something. :) 

One other observation regarding my memory/recall:
I have been sending my dear friend a daily greeting, which lead up to March 17, her birthday. I have learned and loved many poems in my life – thanks to the world’s greatest English teacher. These days, only two have returned to me. Imagine that.  Luckily, the one that I recall the most of is long: A Psalm of Life. So, I can use different stanzas each day. There are only four days left. We were both in the same grade when we learned it. She hasn’t yet said anything about her recall of it, either.

Sandra d. - Smiling.
In any case, I am just happy to live and breathe and laugh and read and learn. So, I trust, are you.

I will say good night now, and please remember, share this on your media sites.

NOTE:      Before I truly close, let me tell you this truth about my efforts. I simply can not recall what to do to upload photos from my phone. For that reason, you have no recent photos of Cleveland, GA, to show. However, it will change soon. Meantime, I am returning to another love of my life: Tea.
Please enjoy.  

As usual,
SandraTeresa Davenport | 

My Best Friends - Tea Stuff.


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