Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seriously, I don't get it.
 Sometimes I say I do; but honestly, I don't get racial hatred. 

I have had to drink several pots of green tea and take several long, fast walks in the hot summer sun to be able to pen these words. Last night, in bed, I thought about it and I got dizzy and nauseous.

So, here's what I don't get:

why white people hate black people so much that they must randomly kill a few of us now and then. I don't get why the white police need to gang up on a black unarmed/unhealthy/hooded black male once in a while and kill him.

I don't get why white people are not embarrassed by this behavior. I know a good 500 white people, in all. Nary a one has ever called, written, emailed or texted me to express condolence, sorrow, sadness, at either of such occurrences. But ...

White Americans hold themselves out to anyone who listens as being the very paragon of righteousness and virtue. But, again, Nary A One raises a voice when such things as a 'racial hatred' crime is committed. The police even took the time to put the shooter in a bullet-proof vest. Wow. What were the other people in the crowd doing while they waited??? Just wondering.

I don't get it why there is never a hue and cry from white pastors, 'conscious' white police officers, teachers, store keepers, ALL. Why? I don't get why nobody cares about what happens to us. I don't get it that all the white people who are friends with, married to, bonded with, supervised by and surely, indebted to at least one black person don't raise their voices!

I just don't get it.

And to make bad matters worse, I don't get why they all think they can think for us. That is one of my favorite things: Paternalism. We are not capable of our own thinking/acting/speaking so they must do it for us.

Case in Point: I don't care about the Confederate Flag. Got it! It is a symbol of something that means a great deal to a great many white americans [hell, for all I know, black, too]. Let them hang on to their illusions for as long as they can. The very idea that Wal-Mart would 'pull' confederate items is a insult to my own intelligence. I'd appreciate it a whole more if Wal-Mart stopped treating their employees like chattel property and 'allowed', at least encouraged, unions, and a $15 minimum wage. The most successful retailer in history could surely pull this off. But no. Instead, they do what they think they can to avoid 'offending' us and pull confederate stuff. Really.

But, this is where it gets really good: The white people are astonished to hear the prez use their favorite racial expletive. Imagine that. We'd never have heard the term if white people hadn't assigned it to us. So he uses it and they're astonished. I guess they're afraid he's about to forget all his training and 'become' one. Hell, in their minds, he was never anything else.

These white people: I just really don't get....

Ok, sure. These photos have nothing to do with what I just wrote. But if you have any kindness in your soul at all, u should surely be feeling the heaviness of these days. Green tea is a great palliative for such 'sinking'.


God be with us.

Sincerely, Sandra Teresa Davenport


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