Thursday, July 2, 2015

  1. Yawl will probably say that my post here is outdated, out of place, in bad tasted, etc. but, it is here anyway. It seems there is another FB/Cornelia page but I can't seem to find it and I am really shaking just now. In the last few minutes, I realized that there a KKK rally in Charleston this weekend. I wonder if there is one in Cornelia, Clarkesville, Demorest of Alto? If there is, I wonder if i should be worried. I am. I'll tell you truthfully: I am worried. I am afraid. I am shaking. What would it be like if I were to be 'targeted', or did anyone even target the Wednesday nite prayer meeting? What would I do? I have no protection in my home; i live alone, no one to help me. So, what would it be like? Oh, dear. I'm still waiting for someone to call and say, sorry about what happened, San. I'm astonished that no one is ashamed, embarrassed, or offended. I am severely offended. But mostly, right now: I'm nervous and afraid and worried...
  2. I couldn't figure out how to move the '1.' so i just gave up. but at least this way i do have appropriate spacing. I posted this on my local FB page and will also post it to g+ but i'm using all avenues to get this out. It is weird being alone and so politically vulnerable. it's one thing to be an 'older' female living alone, but in this moment of mounting tensions, it's a bitch! Who will protect me? Who would find me? Wow. I'm not being paranoid, I'm just aware. 

  1. Okkkk! So That's it for now, but be good, and keep drinking tea, ok, because, according to the late Dr. Atkins, people who drink a lot of tea are generally in better health. 

  1. Wow, still can't figure out the line spacing.  Must be a hold-over from typing and copying it from FB. 


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